Meet Our Experienced Leadership Team

Our team combines technical expertise with a commitment to sustainability to create a new class of blockchain tokens that provide stability and lucrative returns while fueling the growth of green energy solutions. We are united by a common goal: to reduce reliance on fossil fuels, alleviate strain on energy grids, and increase energy independence.

LenderLab's mission is brought to life by this exceptional team of professionals who believe in the future of digital finance and renewable energy.

Kevin D. Bench
Interim CEO of LenderLab

Former Chevron executive with 32 years of experience in marketing, business management, sales, and operations.

Kirk Hoganson
CTO of LenderLab

Kirk has an extensive knowledge of blockchain technology. His personal interest in blockchain technology began in 2011 when he bought his first Bitcoin. He has been providing technical solutions, security consulting, and systems architecture for large and small banking organizations for decades.

Jack Eldridge
CFO of LenderLab / Co-Founder & CFO of Enium Capital Group

Jack co-founded Enium in 2013 and has overseen financial activity and strategy since inception. He has 35 years of experience in accounting and financial leadership focused on sustainability and long-term growth.